AdminPro Class v1.3 Demo Login Page

Please use demoadmin as username and demoadmin as password to login. You will then have access to the AdminPro Class v1.3 User Management Area Demo. If you use demouser as username and demouser as password, you should not be able to login (demouser is a registered user with no administrator privileges).

The following application is just an example of an area protected by the AdminPro class. The User Management can actually (or should) be configured according to your needs. This Demo is based on the minimum MySQL table structure requirements. If more user information is necessary (e.g user's real name, email, homepage etc.) you will have to add more MySQL table fields or even MySQL tables to the project.


* Please note: if your session is closed during the usage of this Demo, this means that some other user has logged in as demoadmin. The AdminPro Class will then close both sessions for security reasons. I have not disabled this function, just for this Demo. I hope, you can understand that...

If your session is closed, you can also try the following to login:
username: demoadmin1, password: demoadmin1
username: demoadmin2, password: demoadmin2
username: demoadmin3, password: demoadmin3
username: demoadmin4, password: demoadmin4

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