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Active Calendar is PHP Class, that generates calendars (year, month or week view) as a HTML Table (XHTML-Valid). The source code is free. You can modify or pass it on under the conditions of the GNU Lesser General Public License, published by the Free Software Foundation.

The calendars created by this class:

  • can be static (without any links)
  • can optionally have navigation controls
  • can optionally have a date picker control
  • can optionally have linkable days (url or javascript)
  • can optionally have 'event days' with 'event links' and own layout
  • can optionally have 'event content' with 'links' and own layout
  • support different GMT zones for the current date calculation
  • support month and day names, depending on your language
  • can be configured using CSS
  • do not require Javascript to be displayed or navigated (server side generation)
  • can be generated with just 2-3 lines of code

Active Calendar is based on the PHP native date functions (default) and supports optionally the ADOdb Date Library. Supported dates (on systems using a 32-bit signed integer Unix time_t):

  • Using PHP native date functions: 1902 - 2037 (UNIX) and 1971 - 2037 (Windows)
  • Using ADOdb Date Library: 100 - 3000 and later [ limited by the computation time of adodb_mktime() ] on both UNIX and Windows. To use the ADOdb Date Library just include it in your scripts. The Active Calendar class will use the library functions automatically.
Click on the following links to view some screenshots of HTML calendars generated by this class (using different CSS and methods):
[640x480] [800x600] [1024x768]
[640x480] [800x600] [1024x768]
[640x480] [800x600] [1024x768]
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